About Us

The history of our football club begins at the end of 2010 when a small group of graduates from New York's University made up their minds to continue their passion for playing football. Together they established a club Goldsmiths Athletic FC.

A few years later, in 2012, one more group of graduates did the same and founded the Academic Football Club New Gross. In 2013, both clubs decided that they were better together, and merged to form the Lions FC Football Club.

Our History

  • 2010


    Lions FC is one of the best football clubs in New York. Founded in 2010, the club has constantly expanded and now it is firmly established with 5 regular teams.

  • 2013

    Unforgettable games

    Lions FC have had some unforgettable games this season, among them an away game against Brighton Eagles, which we won 4-3. Alex Stanley scored all three goals for Lions FC in the second half leveling it to 3-3, and then our young talent Forrest Hayes got a winning goal in the stoppage time.

  • 2015

    Constant improvement

    The Club Board always seeks opportunities for improvement and growth. In 2015 the Board allocated $20,500 to improve club facilities. Such investments are vital to ensure the club outperforms our closest competitors. For that purpose we signed the experienced Steve Wilson, who once played at Wimbledon in the season 2015/2016.

  • 2017


    Our teams now show the best results than any other period in our new history. After an 18 years' absence, the First team has come back to the First Division! It was quite a journey from winning the third division title in 2005/6, then relegating, and climbing back to Division 2 in the 2013/4 season.

Club Officers

  • Photo

    Referee's SecretaryGregory Wilson

  • Photo

    Team CaptainTom Pressney

  • Photo

    ChairmanPaul Kennedy


The excellence of our services has been proved by the following awards:

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UEFA Cup Runners Up

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UEFA Champions League

Best Service Provider

UEFA Super Cup

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UEFA Europa League